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Our Crew

Ramie Nunally

Design | Illustration

Ramie is an alchemist, an artist of both air and sea, or rather an easel and Photoshop. Able to turn strokes of a pencil or washes of paint into completely unique, handcrafted imagery and design elements, she is at her best when she is bringing the eye of a fine artist and a feminine touch to concept work, iconography, and design.


An artist and illustrator with skill in the traditional and digital realms, Ramie has the ability to be a design chameleon, able to transform her style to suit any project, passionate about using paint and pixels to forge creative concept into concrete execution. Ten years of experience with the unique design demands of the sign industry gives her a practical aesthetic to balance her creative spark. She believes that excellent design can be striking and also hardworking; that the need to convey information is no barrier to creating something that stands out.


A Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Painting gives Ramie an artistic perspective and allows her to bring classical education in color theory and composition to her design work.


Ramie is a toxophilite, which is a Jeopardy Daily Double kind of word for 'the most epic kind of archery nerd'. She would absolutely love to show you pictures of her (purple!) bows and her grouping at thirty meters.

In Her Own Words

"I draw inspiration from everywhere: avant garde comic books, semi-precious gemstones, the fall of light through a distant canopy of leaves. I make no distinction among design, illustration, and fine art – all of these things work together to elicit an emotional response in the viewer. If I can make you pause, be it to think or to smile, then we have something to talk about and dialogue is the basis of successful business."