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Forge Ahead

Brandsmith provides award-winning creative services and targeted brand strategies for business partners who are ready to forge ahead. The Brandsmith crew works with businesses across the country and around the globe; our clients include Fortune 500 companies, industry leaders, and visionary startups as well as inspiring non-profits.

We provide support throughout your voyage. Our Strategic team helps you chart a course and ready your crew. Our Creative team gives your brand a unique identity, a voice, a direction. Our Metrics team trues your bearing along the way, steadying your 'ship' in changing winds. Together, we sail with you.

Where do you want to go from here?

About Us


The Brandsmith anvil & sail icon tells a great deal about our purpose. We are not only about the creative sparks that fly when we shape a remarkable brand; we are also about facilitating the strategies that move businesses toward new markets and greater achievement.

Finding your new opportunities across the vast blue ocean is not so intimidating when you have a well-charted course; a strong, committed crew; and a sea-worthy vessel with the right tools and provisions. We’re not just brand outfitters. We join you on board. We help chart the course. We team with your crew. We lean into the wind with you. Your destination is ours.


Over a decade ago, our founding group of designers and web developers left their jobs at production-based firms to form a creative agency where they could enjoy doing great work for good people / companies. Our crew has grown as we have expanded to meet our customer's needs.

Now, a hand-picked team of talented industry veterans has joined Brandsmith to assure you will have all hands on deck for every aspect of your journey. Using our customized discovery process, our diverse crew works with yours to craft a brand & messaging strategy with built-in metrics. We understand how to identify and characterize a target market, connect through design and messaging, and build brand loyalty and customer engagement.


We aren’t vendors. We aren’t project chasers pirating any job that sails our way. We are looking for lasting relationships and worthy dreams. If we are a good fit for each other, we become a part of your crew, using our considerable experience to assure success on your journey. We get on board with you; we’ll swab the deck, we’ll trim the sails, we’ll climb the mast, we’ll battle the elements. Your success is our success.


In over ten years, we have never lost a ship. Several of our customers have been with us since we set out. Most take us with them when they have new opportunities. We have helped Fortune 500 companies reach record profits, entrepreneurial businesses grow to become industry leaders, and non-profits become free of debt, empowered to inspire entire communities.

We are part of your crew. It's your ship; we won't claim to be the reason you succeed, but we can be the difference.

Our Work

What We've Done

We have navigated the waters of a number of markets: Hospitality, Tourism, Entertainment, Automotive, Manufacturing, Construction, Electronics, Software, Data Centers, Healthcare, Government, Financial, Retail, Food / Beverage, and Non-Profit. Below is a small sample of our clients and work representing thousands of projects.

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Our Services

What We Do

We build brands that move businesses.

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Our Services


Whether a brand excursion close to port or global voyage far from familiar waters, the course should be charted before the first sail is hoisted. A vision will inspire your team only when it is perceived to be attainable. With you, we create a strategic plan that clarifies the destination, maps the course, anticipates the obstacles, defines the message, trues the brand, empowers the crew, integrates the metrics, and engages your customers.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." - Napoleon Hill

  • Strategy
    • Brand / Marketing
    • Product / Service
    • Integration
    • Internal / Culture
    • PR Management
  • Messaging
    • Marketing Content
    • Technical Documents
    • Sales Training & Presentations
    • Social Media Content
    • PR & Crisis Messaging
  • Thought Leadership
    • Talent & Team Branding
    • Social Media & Industry Articles
    • Online Presence Management
    • Speakers Bureau & Keynotes
    • Personal Image Branding


Our creative work ranges from reimagined brand packages to strategic campaigns using videography, photography, and poignant storytelling. We've even been named on a client's patent for automotive product design. Every brand we shape has continuity of design, style, and purpose. All collateral - logo, identity package, brochures, website - will align with your brand identity and messaging strategy. There's genius in the details.

  • Design
    • Logo & Identity Design
    • Brand Collateral
    • Advertising & Promo
    • Exhibit & Display
    • Product & Packaging
  • Interactive
    • Content-Managed Web Sites
    • SEO & Online Marketing
    • Custom Web Apps
    • Mobile Apps
    • Social Media Branding
  • Imagery
    • Photography
    • Video Production
    • Animation
    • Illustration
    • 3D Rendering
  • Support
    • Retainers
    • In-House Support
    • Brand Management
    • IT / Technical
    • Special Projects


Staying on course isn't just about steering. Every worthy voyage is likely to have storms, lulls, obstacles, competitors, and maybe even pirates! To reach your destination, you must be agile, constantly adjusting and truing the course. We integrate the metrics into the strategy and collateral. You don't have to hope you are on course, you can know in time to adjust. Knowledge empowers.

  • Online Metrics
    • Website & Content Analytics
    • Social Media Analytics
    • SEO & Conversion Optimization
    • Key Performance Trackers
    • Online Advertising
  • Sales Metrics
    • Profile Development
    • Lead Cycle Tracking
    • Trend Analysis
    • New Markets
    • Competitive Research
  • Brand Metrics
    • Employee Engagement
    • Customer Interaction
    • Customer Perception
    • Sales Performance
    • Data Visualization

Our Crew

Who We Are

Individually, we represent years of excellence in specific areas of marketing expertise, from the creative to the analytical, from the conceptual to the granular. Together, we share a confluence of values, a passion for creative excellence, and an involved desire to help our customers succeed. We value creative camaraderie, authentic relationships, meaningful work, and shared success.

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