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Our Crew

Daniel Duarte


Daniel is an accomplished storyteller whose pen is the video camera. His 14-year background in television, marketing, entertainment, theater, set construction, and documentary film making has prepared him for almost any challenge. Whether he’s choreographing drone video footage or composing original soundtracks, Daniel is always the consummate storyteller.


In 1998, after working for several years at prestigious five-star resorts on the coast of Brazil, Daniel set sail for Spain to pursue deeper studies in tourism and hotel management. While in Madrid, Cupid struck, and Daniel moved back across the Atlantic to start a new family in Tennessee and revive a childhood passion for storytelling.

Daniel's natural rapport and fluency in English, Spanish and Portuguese gives him a unique ability to connect with people of diverse cultures. With a wide range of experience from advertising to documentaries to broadcast public television, he has the versatility to tackle the technical challenges of any video project.


Bachelor's in Hospitality Management – University of Madrid


Daniel is up for adventure – anytime, anywhere. His fun-loving, thrill-seeking personality is charming and infectious. He enjoys travel, camping and water sports with his wife and two children.

In His Own Words

"For me, all aspects of the video production process are filled with potential to tell a brand story. The framing of a storyboard, the color of lighting, the lenses used, the camera movement, the directing, the editing – each component is a brand experience."