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Our Crew

Reed Hale

Design | Imagery

Reed is a master of imagery. His award-winning photo compositions and Photoshop wizardry are often the 'secret ingredient' in the Brandsmith magic. Whatever the creative team can imagine, Reed can give it life through the process of weaving together layer upon layer of photography, 3D rendering, airbrushing, and effects.


After 8 years at Brandsmith, "create the impossible and never settle for less than exceptional" has become part of Reed's job description and has pushed him to constantly expand his skills. He has learned that the finest details make all the difference in creating a convincing image. Reed is applying that acumen to new media projects and innovations in video editing and 3D animation.


Reed received his Bachelor's in Business Management / Marketing from Tennessee Technological University. To prepare for a career in the creative side of marketing, he studied art, photography, and computer graphics. Following graduation, a nine-month internship at Brandsmith grew into an eight-year working relationship in which he has continually aspired to maximize the potential of the tools at hand and to find new techniques for creating images that captivate.


Reed loves coffee (a lot). He enjoys handcrafting in wood and leather, and is an avid hiker and movie soundtrack junkie. Did we mention he loves coffee?

In His Own Words

"I find great joy in creating things that exist in no place other than one's imagination. Whether giving wings to a team member's concept or bringing a client's dream to life, building reality from the imaginary is what I do.

Since I was quite young, I have had a passion for building things. What started with Legos, grew into woodworking, short stories, and leather crafting. Today, my building blocks are layers, brushes, and digital effects – allowing me to build a grand vision from its tiniest parts and pieces."