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Schneider Electric

As the global specialist in energy management and automation, Schneider Electric develops technologies and solutions to manage energy in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable. With a focus on R&D, their stable of thoroughbred engineers work to sustain innovation, differentiation, and thought leadership; which has positioned Schneider Electric to enjoy a windfall of growth as the world shifts toward improved energy efficiency.

Over the past nine years, Brandsmith has partnered with Schneider Electric's Data Center team as they marketed their highly-available, energy-efficient data centers to the growing IT requirements of giants like Amazon and Google. From our comprehensive 'Smart' campaign to multiple web applications that provide resources to professional engineers, Brandsmith has joined their global effort to accelerate innovation and encourage adoption.

Scope of Services

Brochures | Catalogs | Flyers
Advertisements | Online Ads
Email Campaigns | Newsletters
Whitepapers | Technical Documents
Sales Presentations | Proposals
Trade Show Displays | Signage
Customer Event Promotion
Photography | Illustrations
Data Centers Website | Microsites
Sales Enablement Website
Online Technical Libraries

Collateral System

Integrated design update of the Data Centers brand platform


Application Theory Campaign

Multimedia thought leadership promotion


Data Centers Website

Online product folio, video case studies and secure document library


In Their Own Words

"Brandsmith is so much more than a vendor...more like a partner or member of the team. Time after time I have called on them with little more than a mere spark of an idea about branding, messaging, or even custom application developments, and they have time and time again brainstormed with me and then turned my idea into a reality. Their input in the planning stages always made the idea so much more than I had imagined. This also made the development, execution, and delivery much easier, because we worked as partners to flesh out all possibilities prior to development.

Brandsmith does a fantastic job of connecting with the organization's vision and its people and personalities, and they take time to understand the product, service, and audience to make the greatest impact. I have called upon Brandsmith on behalf of five organizations I've worked with over the last decade and continue to stand behind their product knowing they deliver exactly what I envision, and do so within - and often under - budget."

Jennifer Langford

Marketing Manager